Composite Fillings


Composite (tooth-colored) fillings are used to repair teeth affected by minor decay or damage. Composite fillings are a durable, aesthetic choice that can restore your tooth’s function, health, and appearance. During the treatment, our experienced and gentle dentist, Dr. Cranon, will remove the damaged and decayed portion of the tooth. After cleaning the tooth, Dr. Cranon will fill in the tooth with composite resin to restore it. Composite resin is available in a number of shades, allowing your dentist to match the color of your filling to your natural tooth color for a beautiful, natural-looking restoration. At our Los Angeles, California dental office, we work hard to ensure that every dental treatment is comfortable and painless. To learn more about the advantages of composite fillings, we welcome you to call or visit our dental team at Daryl Cranon DDS General Dentistry today!

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