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If you need teeth replacement to maintain proper alignment, dental bridges are the solution for you. Daryl Cranon, DDS, in Mid City, Los Angeles, evaluates your teeth and creates a bridge to correct the problem perfectly. To learn more about dental bridges, call the office at Daryl Cranon, DDS General Dentistry or schedule an appointment online.


What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges fill the gap when you have a missing tooth. When you get a bridge, it prevents your other teeth from moving out of alignment and helps you maintain a healthy bite. 

Bridges are made to look like your natural teeth and are usually made of porcelain or porcelain composite.

There are several types of bridges, but the most common is the traditional bridge. This kind of bridge includes the replacement tooth and two dental crowns on either side of it. The crowns hold the replacement tooth securely in place. 

Other options for dental bridges include: 

  • Cantilever bridges, in which only one natural tooth acts as a support
  • Maryland bridges, in which a metal or porcelain frame retains the replacement tooth
  • Implant-supported bridges, which use implants rather than natural teeth for bridge support

Dr. Cranon performs an exam and evaluates 3D digital X-rays to determine which bridge works best for you.

How do dental bridges compare to dental implants?

Dental implants use your jaw for support, while dental bridges use the adjacent natural teeth for support. Both bridges and implants are excellent solutions for missing teeth. 

One difference is longevity. While dental implants are generally permanent, dental bridges may need replacement every 5-15 years. But dental bridges may be easier and less-involved to install. 

Dr. Cranon helps you weigh the advantages of both dental bridges and dental implants to help you decide which works for you. 

How do I take care of a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are quite easy to care for. In general, you should brush and floss normally, with extra caution to avoid pulling on the bridge. Bridges are quite sturdy, which means you can eat normally. 

Be sure to have regular teeth cleanings as recommended by Dr. Cranon, and don’t miss your dental checkups twice a year. During your dental exams, Dr. Cranon evaluates your bridge, along with your natural teeth, to make sure it’s still fully functional and well-fitted.

A dental bridge turns a gap-toothed grin into a stunning smile. Book your appointment at Daryl Cranon, DDS General Dentistry online or by phone today.